February 15, 2016

Brief: U of L official opposed ban

James Ramsey

By Sam Draut–

First reported by the Courier Journal, Ricky Jones, chair of the Pan African Studies Department and one of the six members on the University of Louisville’s Investigations Committee for allegations pertaining to the men’s basketball prostitution scandal said university president James Ramsey made the decision himself about the school’s choice to impose a postseason ban for the 2015-16 season.

Jones told the Courier Journal on Monday that he opposed the postseason ban and no vote was offered to the committee members. He said there were no additional updates from the NCAA’s investigation the day before the postseason ban was decided upon.

When Ramsey, along with athletic director Tom Jurich, coach Rick Pitino and lead investigator Chuck Smrt announced the decision on Feb. 5, Ramsey said Smrt and himself learned of additional information that led them to believe violations occurred. Jones said there was no new evidence that Katina Powell received money from anyone besides Andre McGee.

WDRB confirmed with Jones that he was not in attendance during the committee meeting when the ban was decided, but Jones said he was briefed by a colleague following the meeting.

U of L spokesman John Karman released in a statement saying during the committee meeting on Feb. 5, Smrt reviewed the information that he had shared with Ramsey and Jurich the previous day. The committee was informed that Ramsey and Jurich made the decision to impose the postseason ban.

“The role of an institutional investigative committee is to advise the President throughout the inquiry process. According to the customary procedures, the President has the authority for making decisions throughout the investigation period, often consulting the Athletic Director on corrective and punitive action,” Karman said. “The committee’s role is to serve in an advisory capacity to the President, but there is no custom or requirement that the President’s decision are subject to a vote of the committee or its acquiescence. Institutionally, the President has the responsibility for any decisions regarding this matter.”



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