January 8, 2016

What grinds my gears: Jan. 12 Edition

Student Opinion

By Dalton Ray–

What grinds my gears this January? Let me tell you about it.

People telling me their New Year’s resolution 

If I had a dollar for every person who told me about their New Year’s resolution, I’d be stupid rich. If I had a dollar for every time I cared about someone’s resolution, I’d still be as broke as I am today. Don’t talk about it—just do it.
Passive aggressive people
This is hands down, one of the most annoying personality traits someone can have. They won’t address the problem with you face-to-face like an adult or decent person, but whenever you two aren’t together anymore, they’re quick to send you an email or text calling you out. Or even worse, that person tells someone else to tell you their passive aggressive thoughts. The cycle of passive aggressiveness never ends.
People who still think Rick Pitino knew about the allegations
Simply put, Matt Jones and Rick Bozich must be your role models. Get new ones.
Kentucky basketball 
I get pretty tired about hearing how their next recruiting class is going to be so much better than the team now. Then after they have the same issues every year they blame it on being young and the next year’s class will be way better. They harp on beating U of L then lose to an SEC team that probably won’t make the tournament – huge accomplishment.
The 30 teams who passed on Teddy Bridgewater in the 2014 NFL Draft
Many teams could of taken a quarterback during the last draft. Houston, who had the first pick, passed on Teddy and still don’t have a quarterback. Jacksonville, who had the second pick, passed him up as well and took Blake Bortles who won’t be their QB for another two years. The Browns had two first round picks, and humorously chose Johnny Manziel who was in Vegas partying as “Billy Manziel” while the team was playing their final season. Looks like Teddy’s small wrists and skinny knees are really holding the Vikings back as they won 11 games in just his second year.
The fact that I have to go through verification every year for financial aid
I’m sorry, I’m poor. My family doesn’t have money this year, we didn’t have money the year before and the year before that. You don’t have to continue to make sure I’m broke. I get it.

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