January 5, 2016

Fireships To Play The Monkey Wrench


By Rachel Sorgen–

The band Fireships will be playing at The Monkey Wrench on Jan. 13 at 8 p.m. They will be performing songs from their self-titled debut album from April 2015.

Last year they performed in Louisville at Haymarket Whiskey Bar. Recently, they kicked off their Come Back Tour. The band is excited to be visiting some of the same cities the second time around.

Playing at the same venue is Tiny Elephant, who the band met last year while in Louisville. The two bands have since stayed in touch, and Tiny Elephants invited Fireships to play with them at the local pub.

The official website for Fireships defines their music as “guitar-driven alt-folk.” Andrew Vladeck, the band’s frontman, described their sound as “Josh Ritter meets Avett Brothers meets Mumford and Sons.”

Vladeck shared the band’s name is inspired by the Revolutionary War, a hobby of his and a historical part of Brooklyn, New York, where he lives. During the war, a ship would be purposefully set on fire and sent to drift toward enemies.

The name Fireships acts as a metaphor for his music. Vladeck said he writes these songs “to shed light into the world, to fight and express (him)self… Making the universe a brighter place.”

Fireships recently helped direct their first music video for their song “Countdown Time”.

“The video was really fun to make, and it was neat to see a visual story being added to the music,” said Vladeck.

The song is built around the idea of remembering one’s childhood ambitions and chasing them as an adult. “The video is more fun and optimistic, accepting reality, going with what is and learning that you can be free and have a good time, if you just adapt your goals,” Vladeck said.

Vladeck wrote the song with singer-songwriter Adam Levy. Levy has worked with other singers such as Nora Jones and Tracy Chapman.

Fireships’ lyrics and sound tell a story. Vladeck likes to create music that tells a story, hoping to present “it in a fresh way so it will strike your ear differently.”

Nearby cities they will be performing include Nashville and Indianapolis.

Tickets for their Louisville show are $5 and can be purchased at The Monkey Wrench.


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