January 16, 2016

Anderson East to bring soul to Louisville

By Brooke Moody–

In two weeks, Headliners Music Hall will be stage to soulful vocalist and musician, Anderson East. A stop on his Devil In Me tour, the show will feature his latest album, “Delilah.”

Alternative rock meets southern soul in East’s music. Raised in southern Alabama and grandson to a southern baptist preacher, East channel’s both his roots and his rebellion.

“I think, as a kid, I needed some type of outlet,” East said in an interview with Cliché magazine. “When I got an electric guitar, that void was filled. I was so infatuated with how music made me feel at such a young age, and so appropriately, making music was the only thing that could heighten that feeling.”

His songs explore deep curiosities and timeless subjects through a lens of rich emotions, from love to hate to sorrow.

East’s musical inspirations are as broad as the emotional range of his songs. “It’s very vast…like classic R&B stuff, all kinds of gospel music, hip hop music, country music, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, all that kind of stuff,” East said in an interview with Sachyn Mital.

His newest album, Delilah, features tracks such as “Satisfy Me,” a choir-esque powerhouse, and “What A Woman Wants,” a more bluesy ballad. Though contrasting in style, both songs are true embodiments of the album and its inspiration. “Delilah” is a character from the “Book of Judges,” which tells the story of Samson, who had superhuman strength, yet had completely fallen for Delilah.

“That’s kind of the thread throughout the record: the woman that saved the crumbled man,” said East.

When asked what inspired his album, East said, “A beautiful and challenging woman I met in a movie theater in Chicago.”

East will bring his soul-filled show to Louisville on Jan. 28. The doors open at 7 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $10 at Headlinerslouisville.com or for $12 at the door.



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