By Briana Williams–

Thanksgiving time is finally here, and that means only a few days separate us from freedom and feasts. A lot of us are going home for the long weekend to relax and spend some much-needed time with family. Although food is definitely a highlight of Thanksgiving, there is something we must all remember during this holiday season: the things for which we are most thankful.

The Cardinal went around campus to ask students what they are thankful for this holiday season:

“I’m thankful for sweet potato pie and just being alive.” —Jahnai Brown, sophomore and computer engineering major from Elizabethtown

“My mom makes [honey ham with cranberry sauce] for me every year, so I’m very thankful for her.” —Dominique Malott, public health major from Elizabethtown

“My favorite dish is sweet potato casserole, and I am thankful for my family.” —Obiamaraije Igwe, junior biology major

“I’m thankful for my parents and I love corn most on Thanksgiving,” says Elizabeth Cross, sophomore mechanical engineering major.

“Great professors.” —Coy Romine, sophomore English major from Shelbyville

“I’m thankful for the end of the semester.” —Chandler Lawson, English, political science and history major from Morganfield

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing, and I’m thankful for family.” —Freedom Phillippe, sophomore composition major from Apache Junction, Arizona

“I can’t wait to see my family. I’m definitely most thankful for them.” Ron Cissell, junior criminal justice major

“The amazing people I’ve met this semester.” —Michael Portaro, freshman electrical engineering major