By Kevin Grout–

There is so much to be excited about in Kentucky politics. As citizens and students, we have the opportunity to make a real impact on the future of our Commonwealth. That chance begins on Nov. 3, when we have the opportunity to cast a vote for Matt Bevin for Governor. Bevin is a conservative with Kentucky values. As a small businessman, he knows the value of hard work and ingenuity. As a dedicated husband and a father, he understands the importance of family and community. As a conservative, he will protect our rights and our future.

Matt’s running mate Jenean Hampton stopped by U of L’s campus to talk about the problems Kentucky faces. She spoke about the pension crisis, the burden of regulations, Kentucky’s energy sector. To each of these problems, she presented a solution. Matt and Jenean will enact conservative reform where Kentucky needs it most. By getting bureaucratic government out of the way, Kentuckians can grab the opportunities in front of them. Cutting corporate and individual taxes grows your paycheck. Giving more choice in education allows Kentucky students to become more competitive throughout the nation. Pushing for Right to Work legislation protects Kentucky workers. This type of Republican leadership will let Kentucky prosper in generations to come.

In the past eight years, Democrats have taught us one thing: we can’t trust them. Because of the Beshear administration, Standard & Poor’s lowered Kentucky’s credit rating. The only states lower than us are New Jersey and Illinois. Democrats in Kentucky have refused to address our pension problem, and now our state is less favorable for investment. What’s more, Governor Beshear has overseen a huge increase in poverty with a decrease in household median income. Scott Jennings wrote in the Courier-Journal that the overall unemployment rate has only decreased because so many Kentuckians are dropping out of the workforce. In reality, there are nearly 72,000 fewer jobs in Kentucky than when Beshear took office. That’s not a success rate I’d like to see in the next four years.

Governor Beshear has let down U of L in particular. When Reverend Kevin Cosby left our Board of Trustees, the governor left us without an appointed African-American representative for the first time since U of L became a state institution. Beshear failed to meet the statutory requirements for our Board, and he failed the diverse mission of our university. The West Louisville Minister’s Coalition said that they were prepared with a “No Way to Conway” campaign because Jack Conway will commit the same wrongs as Steve Beshear in representing Kentuckians. Jack Conway is another career politician who won’t move our state forward. We can’t trust Democrats, and we can’t have Conway.

On Nov. 3, Kentucky will decide six constitutional races. In every race, the Republican Party supports a strong candidate with a conservative vision for our Commonwealth. To protect our economy, to advance our principles, and to represent Kentucky, we can’t back Jack. Kentucky needs a new direction of conservative leadership. We need Matt Bevin for governor.

Photo courtesy / The Courier-Journal