April 14, 2015

Floods, fires, gridlock traffic: Thanks, Obama

Nick Amon–



Whether you were stuck in traffic for an extra hour or saw Air Force One fly over campus, many of us are aware that President Barack Obama paid us a visit here in Louisville a couple weeks ago.

As the afternoon passed on April 2, and the president’s conference discussing technological job opportunities here in Louisville seceded, roads all across the city were flooded by record amounts of rainfall in the following hours.

Shortly after, the rain began to slow down, many residents within the city were shocked to find out that a six-alarm fire was taking place at GE’s Appliance Park Friday morning, leaving an enormous mushroom cloud of smoke to loom over the city.

Over the duration of the weekend, many people slowly but surely drudged back into the norm of their lives, leaving the hectic scenarios around the city behind. Unfortunately, some were not ready to move on with their seemingly uneventful lives and decided to take their frustrations surrounding the fire, flood and traffic out on Obama himself.

Adhering to the phrase “Thanks Obama”, the president is no stranger to the blame game, and of course paid no attention to the ignorance of those particular individuals within the city that decided to point fingers at his visit.

Jokes are jokes, and it’s obvious the correlations drawn by those blaming Obama are supposed to be taken light heartedly. That being said, to those who think it’s a good idea to write generic posts on Facebook or Twitter blaming the rainfall and fire on the president’s visit, this is a friendly reminder: It’s not.

So just a heads up, next time you try and ruffle up a band full of laughter from one of your Facebook posts, you have a better chance sharing how uneventful your day actually was, rather than post an overused joke about the president on social media.

Regardless, if you’re a supporter of Obama or not, have some respect for the social image you display of yourself on Facebook or anything social media platform at that matter. Louisville is known for a lot of memorable things. Let’s just try and keep those things in a more educated light rather than a light that shines on overkilled jokes and ill-advised Facebook posts that leave bad tastes in everyone’s mouth.

Photo retrieved from courierjournal.com


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