February 16, 2015

Snow Bae: How U of L students spent the first snow day

Feb. 16 marked the first snow day of the semester. With classes canceled due to inches of snow and unplowed roads, here is how some U of L students spent their first day off.

“Chipping away at my senior thesis. #ProductiveSnowDay” – Sean Southard.

“Earlier this morning, my seven year old niece Kenzie said, ‘We are off school today for President’s Day but even if it wasn’t President’s Day, we would be off school. At least we have the U of L game recorded.'” – Beth Beckwith, who is babysitting five of her nieces.

“Working from home for my internship with LEAP Agency and sledding later!” -Alena Colborn

“I went for a hike at the Louisville Nature Center.” -Jared Anderson

“Studying for an exam that may or may not happen tomorrow.” -Lara Kinne

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