November 24, 2014

Retail employees speak out: Black Friday courtesy tips


by Adam Fannin —

Brace yourself retail employees­­—shoppers are coming.

“Black Friday has grown and became its own holiday,” student Samara Kenee said.

With stores like Kohl’s, Old Navy and others pushing forward their opening times, there will be even more shopping available this year. But with this fun, enjoyment and cheap prices, it brings a dark cloud over most retail employees. The stores always need more help and ask every employee to work.

“Employees do not all volunteer, most are volunteered,” Max Butler, an employee at Best Buy and a student at U of L, said.

It’s a rough night for employees at these places.

“When I worked at Sam’s Club during the madness one Black Friday morning, we caught a woman stuffing the inside of her pants with frozen lobster tail,” Jeremy Little said. “She would unpack them and throw the trash in a stack of tires that were on display.”

Don’t get stressed out, and realize that there will be long lines. If you don’t like waking in long lines, try Cyber Monday, where you can stay home, order online and avoid the rush. If you are not strong, bring someone that can lift something for you. Being a worker at Kohl’s, I realize that there are not a lot of shopping carts for people, so you might get tired of holding items while you make your way through lines. This also can help the employee from running around trying to find a shopping cart for you.

This Black Friday, just realize that an employee has to deal with thousands of customers, not just you, so be respectful.

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