October 28, 2014

Week of the Living Dead brings life to the undead

The Student Activity Board kicked off their Week of the Living Dead this Monday with the Spanish film, “Rec.” The found-footage horror film released in 2007, directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, catalogues the experience of a young reporter who follows the fire department on a call to an apartment building that soon goes awry. This movie is the first the event in which the University is showing free zombie movies each night for seven days, followed by scholarly discussions.

The SAB followed up [Rec] this Tuesday with the equally chilling “Zombie.” The cult classic, released in 1979 and directed by Lucio Fulci tells the story of Peter West, a journalist who finds himself up against the shambling horde on an island in the Caribbean after being led there by a note found on a prominent scientist’s boat. This film, like several others was shown for free in the Floyd Theater in the spirit of the upcoming holiday.

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