September 6, 2014

No suspects found in student stabbing

By Lucas Logsdon

As of Friday, no one has been charged in the investigation of the abduction and stabbing of a University of Louisville student, according to Louisville Metro Police Department spokesperson Dwight Mitchell.

According to ULPD and LMPD, Tuesday night around 9:30p.m., a female student walking to her car near the Family Scholar House on Lee St. was approached by a man asking for change. When she turned him down he pulled a knife on her.

At knifepoint he forced her to walk about a block to a wooded area near 6th and Shipp Ave., just a short distance from Cochran Elementary School. At which point, he stabbed her in the stomach, and ran off headed west on Hill St.

While being treated for non-life threatening injuries, the victim remains at University Hospital in stable condition.

According to Mitchell, the suspect was covered up, and the victim could not give a description. Police continue to work diligently on this case, and any witnesses are encouraged to come forward.

This incident happened north of campus near The Bellamy and Province Apartments, and close to a high traffic area for students walking to campus.

Students are encouraged to walk with someone else, especially at night.

If you have any information call the Louisville Metro Police Department at 574-LMPD(5673).

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