March 31, 2014

Asia Taylor reflects on her time on the court

Photo courtesy of cardinal

By Asia Taylor
It was always a dream of mine to play college basketball. I honestly didn’t think it was a option for because of financial concerns until my sophomore year in high school. The recruiting process was very exciting for me I had a lot of scholarship offers I could have went to almost any school. There was just something special about Louisville that stood out and I’m glad I chose here.
It has been a rollercoaster 5 years for me. Last year The doctors found a tear in my left hip and I had to have a surgery in the offseason that set me back 9months causing me to miss all of last season. So for our great regular season, final four and championship run, I was on the sidelines as a cheerleader not a player. It was rough time for me to not be able to play but I used it as motivation for my work in this offseason. I have become a much Better player because of that year I sat out.
This year as a senior I am a starter, team captain and one of the leaders on this team. I come to play and practice everyday like it could be my last and I try my hardest to lead by example.
We have made history this year for this women’s program and I am so blessed to say that I was a effective part of it. Longest winning streak in school history, best record in school history, I’ve reached career highs in points, assists and rebounds, and we’ve made history in so many more categories I can’t remember. (Maybe you can find the rest) but overall this has been an amazing year for me and I’ve enjoyed every single second of it. The NCAA tournament has started back up for us this year and we are no longer going to be an underdog because of last years success. Getting A 3 seed instead of a 2 or 1 was our motivation to push harder to show that last year wasn’t just for show and that we are here to make another statement. Our motto for this whole year has been “Unfinished Business” because we want to get back to the National Championship game and Finish it off with a win this time! I just hope CardNation will Follow and support us on our journey.

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