January 29, 2014

Campus Creeper: Person of interest questioned, let go

Lucas Logsdon–

I suppose the extreme cold is able to keep everyone indoors, including the campus creeper. As of today, nothing has been reported of the “suspicious man” driving a white 1990 Volvo.

University Police did question a “person of interest” on Tuesday. Lt. Col. Kenny Brown said “no criminal charges are going to be pursued at this time,” as a result of that questioning.

The suspect is a “tall, thin, white male in his 30’s,” and drives a white 1990 Volvo. He has been asking women for directions as bait to lure women into his car, and has been known to try to use force.  He has been reported near Miller Hall, in the parking lot next to Stansbury Park and around St. James Court in Old Louisville.  He is wanted for questioning.

If you have any information, please call the University Police at 502-852-6111.


This is a developing story.



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