September 22, 2013

Heart of the Cards- Paige Monsen

By Justin Stephenson

In the midst of a dynamic and unprecedented field hockey season, the Louisville Cardinals have

mostly come out on top; with a 4-2 record and huge wins against quality opponents such as Richmond, William and Mary. Leading the team in assists with three this year is junior Paige Monsen. The

Syracuse, New York native has seen action in almost every game since she arrived on the team as a

freshman, and the work it took to get her in a fixed starting role is still present in her now as a team

“My role on my team is constantly changing; every day is a different day and you never know

if you’re going to be on or off the field. It depends on who brings it each week of practice. So, if you’re

talking starting position, no one ever knows, I don’t even know. If you play hard, then hopefully you’ll be

rewarded but if you don’t bring it, you wont get the starting role,” Monsen said.

Although the Cards have teamwork to thank for their stellar season thus far, it is also important

to remember that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

“Everyday is a different competition. You have 24 girls competing for different positions, so

everyday’s a different day.”

The Ville is a basketball town in the heart of the purest basketball region in the world, yet she was able

to bring her abilities to the pitch in Trager Stadium and get a few more young ones to pick up sticks

instead of the ball.

“It’s the love of the game. In kindergarten is when I started playing. My friends picked it up and I

did, too. Its really popular in upstate New York.”

With field hockey consuming these student-athletes lives’s, how do they handle the student side

of the agreement? Monsen must be the one with the secret as she is on the Dean’s list, she is a NFHCA

All-Academic Team Selection, and a two-time Big East All-Academic team member.

“I enjoy school, specifically chemistry a lot; it’s my major. I guess you could say I’m pretty

geeky.” the AD Honor Roll selectee said, “ I enjoy being in the lab and stuff so that’s pretty much my life

outside of field hockey.”

Where words fail to describe the awesome attributes of one of the team’s star players: statistics

do not. Paige is not only and A-+ student, she’s an A-+ player. Her eight assists last season led the team, and

with nearly half as many in only six games this season, she is on her way to breaking her previous mark by

the end of the season. She is a master of her craft and an upstanding upper-classmen to boot; only two

of a handful of reasons why Paige Monsen is a role model for her community and why she’s at the very

heart of the Cards.

Photo Courtesy of Tricia Stern

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