January 31, 2013

Batter up: Home Run Burgers and Fries barely hits home plate

Be Esther Lee–


Home Run Burgers and Fries offers students a quick meal that won’t exceed expectations.

There are no surprises at Home Run Burgers & Fries, located in Cardinal Towne. As the restaurant name implies, everything within the eatery is baseball-themed or related. Although a good place for the nostalgic all-American burgers and vibes, Home Run Burgers & Fries does not bring anything new to the table.

Along the walls as you walk in,  you are greeted by pictures of baseball players such as Joey Votto of the Cincinatti Reds and Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees captured some of their most glorious moments in their baseball careers.  The players create the atmosphere of the restaurant, along with the ample Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles and other pennants strung over the open kitchen. Although cheesy, the decorations and American flags (yes, there is more than one) fit the restaurant’s theme perfectly.

As the name suggests, they serve mainly burgers and fries. Their burgers are made with 100% Black Angus beef and the fries are hand-cut, according to their website. Following the American sports theme, there are plenty of options named with baseball puns on the “All Star Line Up” menu, such as “Bases Loaded” burger and the “Home Run Classic.”

There is also a “build your own” burger option. Choose between the “Big League” burger with two quarter-pound patties and the “Li’l-League” burger with one quarter-pound patty and run with it. There are 26 free toppings, which is 11 more toppings than Five Guys Burgers and Fries, including grilled onions, mushrooms and banana peppers. If you’re looking for your burger to be slightly out of the ordinary, try adding guacamole or a fried egg for a few extra cents.

The burgers at Home Run Burgers & Fries do not bring anything particularly special or out of the ordinary. You get what you ask for. There are no surprises in taste, in looks or in grease. My “Li’l League burger” with lettuce, tomatoes, mushroom, Swiss cheese, and ketchup was neither the best nor worst burger I’ve had. The burger tasted like any other burger from other restaurants. For non-beef lovers, there are also chicken and fish sandwich options.

Unfortunately, the fries did not complement the burgers. They were definitely hand-cut, but both the Homerun and Cajun fries were soft and tasted bland as if they were left out on the counter for too long.
The items on the menu are reasonably priced and affordable. The food came out relatively quick after ordering and the staff was friendly. The restaurant carries local atmosphere like its neighboring restaurants in Cardinal Towne.
For college students looking to grab a quick bite, Home Run Burger & Fries is the most convenient option, but if you’re looking for a more unique flair of higher quality, eat somewhere else.

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Photos: Stephanie Hoff/The Louisville Cardinal

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