September 11, 2012

Survival Guide: College-partying tips and how-tos that save your mind and dignity

By Anna Meany–

1. Use your solo cup as a measuring device.
Look closely at a solo cup – three tiny rings in the cup should help you measure your alcohol itnake (one for hard liquor, one for wine, one for beer). Take charge and pour your own drink – whatever it is – so that you can prevent yourself from taking too much at once. And, as always, watch your drink.

2. Pick your outfit appropriately
It should be common sense – but choosing the right attire for any occasion is crucial. Just in case you do attract those not-so-respectful guys, be sure to cover up the assets.The goods should not be on display for everyone. This means nothing see-through, too thin or too short – no bras or underwear visible and definitely no would-be censored body parts. Guys should stick to clean shirts (if possible). Think sexy, not sleazy.

3. For guys only: keep drink in the left hand – always.
This could be specific to southern partying, but it’s been made very clear to me that men should always carry their drink with their left hand so their right is free to greet the ladies.

4. For girls only: bathroom etiquette.
Newsflash: men don’t remember or care that women need toilet paper everytime they use the bathroom. Drink after drink is going to overflow your bladder in the most literal sense and using the shower curtain to wipe is a major no-no. Check before you sit down. Also, travel in packs to the ladies room. Bathroom chat has saved many women from disastrous decisions, and the opinions of your female friends is important.

5. Have (responsible) fun.
Don’t even think YOLO. If best friends are fighting at a party, something is off. Don’t be insistent upon drinking at every party. And when plans fall through, don’t sweat it.

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