February 14, 2012

Louisville is for Lovers: Exploring the city’s most romantic attractions

By Michelle Eigenheer–

While a graveyard doesn’t sound like the most typical romantic day out, the Cave Hill Cemetery boasts a long list of famous people and scenery to, ahem, die for. Manicured lawns, beautiful statues and ornate mausoleums make a walk through the grounds a great way to spend a day together – you can even picnic by the lake. While walking, you might happen across the grave of Colonel Sanders or George Keats, brother of the English poet.

Baxter Theatre offers a selection of indie films, foreign films and occasional film festivals. Baxter is famous for midnight showings of cult classics like The Rocky Horror Picture Show – surely a memorable time for couples and friends.

It’s easy to waste the day in both Iroquois and Cherokee Park. Both of these beautiful parks are designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. If you don’t have a date, bring your dog! Both parks offer an archery range, basketball courts, paved biking trails and grills to adequately satisfy any group.

While the Belle of Louisville is go-to tourist attraction, it’s well worth the price and crowd to experience the sights. Enjoy dinner while cruising the Ohio River with your loved one. Not feeling the pricy boat ride? Take a walk around Waterfront Park and feed the ducks for free.

The first Friday of every month hosts the Trolley Hop. Take advantage of the free trip to Market Street where you can browse local art galleries and antique shops while sipping wine and eating cheese. It’s a great night to mingle with those who share a love of art and enjoy live music.

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