November 8, 2011

Louisville mourns the loss of beloved Ear X-Tacy

By Jake Curtis–

Ear-x-tacy held a special place in my heart, as I’m sure it held one for many others in Louisville. I was not introduced to the store until later in my high school years, but it has still held some significant memories for me since then. I’ve played a show there, and I’ve bought some of my favorite records at the store. I’ve seen it go from its multiple locations-most notably from Bardstown Road by Mark’s Feed Store to the latest Douglas Loop location. From one transformation to another, it was still a Louisville staple of the local market. While ear-x-tacy’s ending should definitely be a sad time for all music lovers around Louisville, we should not let it stop us buying from local music stores. There are several other local stores to check out in the Highlands, most notably Underground Sounds.

Locally-owned music stores are excellent places to buy music from. They carry several used and new records as well as a lot of the popular music of today. They have reasonable prices, and the staff is friendly and eager for conversation. They are even able to order in music not found in the store. The used section is always a great find- you never know what hidden gems are stowed away inside. Music is constantly playing over the speakers, usually something of the store owner’s choice. Louisville music storeowners are eager for your business, so make sure to check it out, rather than rushing to some mainstream mega-business store like Best Buy.

For one thing, Best Buy and FYE are not going to offer the same service and selection you get from a local store. It’s too loud at both stores, and they are sure to carry the latest crappy selection of radio, R&B and corporate butt-rock that is sure to make the store swarm with the closest bros in the vicinity. Good luck being able to find the album you are looking for at Best Buy- when I was younger I was never able to find an album I was looking for- but they had ample supplies of Limp Bizkit and Creed. When I would call ahead of time, they would look for an album for me and they were never able to locate it. Most of the people I talked to at Best Buy had no idea what band I was talking about! Even if supporting the local market isn’t your thing, give it a try now. You may even open your mind to some new types of music that you couldn’t find in the alt-rock section of Best Buy.

I’d like to give ear-x-tacy a heartfelt goodbye and thank them for the years of service they’ve given to citizens of Louisville, but in the process please let this be a notice to everyone in the Louisville area- continue buying local, and avoid the big corporations!

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