Sun. Feb 17th, 2019

Second suspect charged in sexual assaults

U of L Crime

U of L Crime

By Kyeland Jackson —

Louisville Metro Police arrested another suspect in the violent crimes that plagued near campus last week.

Eighteen-year-old Dezmeontai Lamont Tinsley was charged with first degree sodomy, first degree robbery and kidnapping an adult. He was arrested in connection with two sexual assaults near campus last week.

According to the incident report, on Sept. 12 Tinsley and the second suspect, a 16-year-old, forced the non-student into her vehicle at gunpoint. The non-student was forced to withdraw money from her bank account before being sexually assaulted at an unknown location. The victim was allowed to leave the area and the suspects kept the car. That car was later used to abduct a student from outside the Bellamy apartments. Tinsley was arrested at an apartment just over a mile from the Bellamy Tuesday.

LMPD Spokesperson Dwight Mitchell said Tinsley has only admitted to the non-student’s assault near Third Street and Gaulbert Avenue, leaving a third possible suspect. LMPD are investigating the cases.

The sexual assaults near campus shellshocked the university, leaving students scared to walk home. University of Louisville Police Lt. Col. Kenny Brown held a press conference last week, detailing campus police efforts to promote safety.

“What we’ve done is we’ve increased our patrols and we’ve moved our officers up to the northern part of campus,” Brown said in a media Q & A held Monday.

“We normally have officers assigned to zones. But what we’ve done for the last couple of days, and will continue until this case is solved, is that we will make our runs from that area.”

Though a second suspect is in custody, university spokesperson John Drees said ULPD will continue enhanced patrols until further notice.

But choppy communications between LMPD and campus police kept campus on edge last week. ULPD received LMPD’s reports of the assaulted student a day late, and LMPD’s arrest of the first suspect was not announced until three days after. Brown assured there is good communications between the departments, but efforts to streamline processes will be looked into.

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