Editorial: Travel benefits students in more ways than one

By on October 4, 2011

Forget hitting the books – hit the road.

Fall break is the perfect chance for students to get out of Louisville and put some distance between themselves and campus, even if it’s only a couple of miles. It’s a time to relax. After all that studying – supposed studying, anyway – who doesn’t need a break? So chill out and knock a few beers back with your buddies – provided you’re over 21, of course.

But truth be told, travel is about more than just drinking and doing nothing. While they’re taking their break from school, students are actually learning a very important lesson.  Travel broadens students’ horizons and forces them to try new things, whether that is an exotic dish at a restaurant or hiking to the end of an unfamiliar trail. What’s important is that students try it. It doesn’t matter where or what “it” is.

More importantly, for many students, traveling alone is the first time they are truly forced to take care of themselves.

On campus, mostly everything is there and no-hassle. If students are hungry, they go to Wendy’s, Subway or any of the other restaurants within a two-mile radius. If they need books, there’s a bookstore and if they’re out of money, they can get mom and dad to add more money to their Cardinal Cash account.

But on the road, it’s different. Students have to find food if they want it. If their car breaks down, it’s their responsibility. If you must, use this as an excuse.

“I have to go on a road trip over fall break,” you’ll say. “It’s good for me.”

And it will be – even if you’re having too much fun to notice.

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Photo: Nathan Gardener/The Louisville Cardinal

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