By Tate Luckey

The University of Louisville released a statement Sunday morning stating they are investigating an incident of animal cruelty done by an off-campus J. B. Speed School of Engineering student. 

The videos- found on Reddit- involve harm to baby chicks, including being air fried and hung from the ceiling. In videos on the student’s Instagram story, he claims that they are robotic and programmed by him. The account has since deleted them.

“We take reports of occurrences like this very seriously,” U of L said. “After hearing about this off-campus incident, the university relayed all relevant information to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.”

In response to the incidents, the SGA has sponsored an amendment to the U of L Student Code of Conduct. Authored by Services Vice President Alex Reynolds, the amendment aims to “include a subsection of section 11 on “Prohibited Conduct” entitled “ss. Animal Abuse or Cruelty,” defined as, “Intentionally subjecting an animal or animals to cruel or injurious mistreatment, mutilation, beating, torture, poisoning, cruel neglect, or any other inhumane harm or killing of animals.”

File Photo // The Louisville Cardinal //