By Joe Wilson and Tate Luckey

The results of this year’s Student Government Association (SGA) elections have begun to circulate online, marking the end of the campaign season. The Louisville Cardinal obtained the unofficial election results on March 2nd.

The Top 4

Katie Hayden, the current Executive Vice President, has won the race for Student Body President. She earned 973 votes (41.62 percent), avoiding a run-off.

Angel (Nkechinyere) Okorie has been elected Executive Vice President with 979 votes (42.70 percent).

Sawyer Depp will be the next Academic Vice President. He earned 1,230 votes (53.46 percent).

Alex Reynolds, who ran unchallenged, will continue to serve as Services Vice President. He won 2,178 votes (100 percent).

Candidates still have the opportunity to bring forward lawsuits to challenge the results.

Student Senate

The College of Arts and Sciences President and Vice President are set to be Rebekah Flowers and Kai Speed.

The top eight Student Senators are (in order of most to least percent of the vote) Anna Hernandez (10.97 percent), Mikaella Tanales (10.84 percent), Eric Miracle (10.55 percent), Shelby Disney (9.23 percent), Grant Avis (9.14 percent), Daniel Fagan (7.63 percent), Addison Dierig (6.93 percent), and Colin McQuarrie (6.19 percent).

The College of Business President and Vice President are Alexis Mowen (who won by 12 votes) and Miles Parker. The 3 COB Senators are Ryan Leigeb, Dorrah Martin, and Spencer Adkins.

Kyle Cook is set to be the next Vice President of the Graduate Student Council, and Kamille M. Rasche is slated to be the next Graduate Student Council Senator Proxy. All other seats that ran unopposed won.

What’s next for the winners

These are the unofficial election results and still have to be certified by two-thirds of the SGA Supreme Court.

This year’s election received a higher response ratio than the 2022 SGA election, at 12.98 percent; of the 19,153 surveys sent, 2,498 students voted. We previously covered the Top 4’s responses to student issues here. You can learn more about SGA’s efforts here.

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