By Alexia Juarez

With many college students beginning to transition to a career in the professional world, most will be presented with an array of internship opportunities to stand out. Here are four tips I find essential to make the most out of your internship experience.

Always keep yourself busy

Being eager to take on the next task will be sure to make employers notice your work ethic. As a student investing time and work, it is imperative you gain as much professional experience as you can.

If you are ever free of work, be sure to ask all your colleagues if they need assistance with any tasks or projects. This way, you may learn new skills in your industry and utilize them in the future.

Keep a daily log of the work you have done

In the instance you need to polish up your resume, keeping a daily log of your work will help fill in the blanks and add more experience. This can also help for future interviews, in which you can summarize the experiences you have gained in the past.

Schedule evaluation meetings

You can not grow as an individual and learner if you do not ask for feedback. Evaluation meetings can inform you of what you can improve for the future as an intern and individual.

Taking feedback in stride is the golden rule. If your employer addresses areas for improvement, know that it is not a personal attack on your character. Your employers are professionals who want to see you succeed and who were in your shoes at one point as well.

Step out of your comfort zone

Your biggest weakness is your comfort. Stepping foot into the professional world is a nerve-wracking experience, but with a motivated mindset, you will be on your way to being a desired professional.

You should be asking for three things: more responsibility, questions about a project that intrigues you, and how to get involved in any company meetings or events. You will gain valuable experience in how your industry operates and observing your environment will enhance your leadership skills for the future.

Transitioning into the professional world can be intimidating, but with a growth mindset, you will be on a path to success. As you stand out at the conclusion of your internship, ask your supervisor if they can be designated as a reference for future employers.

Internships are a great way to build character. Utilizing these tips will make the most out of your experience as you step foot into the professional world and beyond.

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