By Joe Wilson — 

U of L is collaborating with Taco Bell to encourage students to “live más!” by launching the Taco Bell Business School. The six-week business bootcamp will encourage entrepreneurship among restaurant leaders, remove barriers to franchise ownership and promote diversity within the franchise system.

Beginning in Feb. 2022, the bootcamp will include accredited courses and training in finance, growth and development, marketing and human resources to give future franchise owners the skills necessary to succeed.

Taco Bell Business School students will receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend the program.

The partnership will be supported by the Yum! Center for Global Franchise Excellence, a business program established in 2021 in tandem with the College of Business. The program serves to uplift young entrepreneurs, particularly people of color and women.

Kathy Gosser, the director of the Yum! Center for Global Franchise Excellence, released a statement regarding the new collaboration. “I believe that businesses and educational institutions have a responsibility to work together to break down barriers and create opportunities for those who wouldn’t otherwise have them. The close working relationship between Yum!, Taco Bell, and the University of Louisville demonstrates the power of collaboration. Together we can help people learn new skills, fuel their entrepreneurial spirit and ultimately build a better future for generations.”

Mark King, the chief executive officer of Taco Bell, also noted the benefits of the collaboration. “We know that fast food jobs are often seen as steppingstones to other careers. And we’re trying to change that. Through the Taco Bell Business School, we want to show our ambitious restaurant leaders how their careers could flourish at Taco Bell and see opportunities they may not have previously considered.”

According to U of L News, “The Taco Bell Business School plans to grow the program in the future and build a talent pipeline for strong field leadership.”

Photo Courtesy // U of L News