By Madelin Shelton — 

The NCAA granted the University of Louisville’s request to resolve its case regarding alleged violations in the men’s basketball program through the Independent Accountability Resolution Process (IARP). The IARP is responsible for reviewing complex infraction cases in Division I.

This move is the final step in the ongoing NCAA Allegations case involving the University of Louisville. The IARP’s decision is final and the university will not be able to make appeals.

The NCAA’s original Notice of Allegations included one Level I and three Level II violations relating to the sex and recruitment scandal under former head coach Rick Pitino.

U of L has challenged the allegations, thus leading to the request of the case’s resolution to the IARP. Further, the university chose to refer to the IARP because it has cited doubts about being given a fair hearing by the NCAA.

“Five members of the IARP’s 15-person Independent Resolution Panel will conduct a hearing, determine whether violations took place and prescribe penalties. The details of U of L’s case will remain confidential until the IARP announces a decision,” the Courier Journal reported.

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal