By Madelin Shelton — 

The University of Louisville is searching for adults age 18 and older who live in Jefferson County to volunteer to be tested for COVID-19 for the Co-Immunity Project, even if individuals have been tested before. The project is led by U of L researchers and serves to track COVID-19 in Metro Louisville. The Co-Immunity Project needs 4,000 participants by Nov. 15.

According to a U of L Health Sciences News article, “The Co-Immunity Project involves testing a representative sample of Jefferson County residents to discover the true prevalence of COVID-19 infection as well as to learn how many people may have had the virus previously.”

Volunteers will receive a COVID-19 test to diagnose an active coronavirus infection and a blood test via finger-stick to identify antibodies from a previous infection. Testing is of no charge to the participants and health insurance is not require.

The project ensured accurate representation of the population of Jefferson County by sending invitations to specific households throughout the area.

“Individuals who received the letter are encouraged to respond according to the information in that letter,” the article said. However, any resident of at least 18 years of age in Jefferson County can sign up to participate by visiting to schedule an appointment, or by calling 1-833-313-0502.

The tests are completed at drive-through or walk-up locations throughout Jefferson County.

Graphic Courtesy of the Co-Immunity Project