September 1, 2020

U of L revises COVID-19 numbers, reports 85 new cases

By Joseph Garcia —

Three weeks into the semester, the University of Louisville now has a total of 215 positive COVID-19 cases out of 14,265 tests as of Sept. 1. These results include all testing locations on the Belknap campus, Health Sciences Campus and Bluewater Diagnosis Lab.

Associate Athletic Director Kenny Klein told the Cardinal on Aug. 28 that the athletics department now has a total of 90 positive cases itself. The testing dashboard does not include those cases in the cumulative total. When these are added, U of L then has a total of 305 positive COVID-19 cases.

Last week, U of L conducted a total of 8,385 tests where 85 came back positive for the coronavirus. While cases are on the rise, the poisitivity rate is decreasing. During the first week of testing, the rate was 2.3%. Last week it was 1.01%.

U of L plans to move away from weekly updates and will now update the dashboard three times a week.

“Due to student concerns about transparency and the availability of more comprehensive testing results, the university has decided to report the data three times a week,” U of L Director of Communications John Karman said. At this time, he said he does not have information on which days the dashboard will be updated.

The updated dashboard also includes revised numbers for the past two weeks.

During the first week of testing, prior to the start of the fall semester, U of L previously reported 53 positive cases. U of L is now reporting there were 69 positive cases at the time. Similarly, during the first week of school U of L reported 38 new cases. This number has also been revised, there were actually 61 positive cases.

Karman said these numbers were revised to include Campus Health’s numbers to the data from Bluewater Diagnosis.

File Photo // The Louisville Cardinal

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