By Victoria Doll —

In an effort to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the University of Louisville has launched a new tool called Cardinal Self-Check.

An email from the university administration said  all U of L students, faculty and staff are expected to use the app to check their symptoms every weekday regardless of whether they are physically returning to campus or not.

This is the latest resource implemented by U of L to make the return to campus as safe as possible.

When evaluating oneself using the Cardinal Self-Check tool, the app asks the respondent to report any of the symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19.

After a self-evaluation, users will be given a readiness evaluation to determine if they’re ready to return back to campus. One of four readiness evaluations will be administered: Higher Readiness, Moderate-to-Higher Readiness, Lower-to-Moderate Readiness, and Lower Readiness.

If you use the Cardinal Self-Check tool and suspect you may have contracted COVID-19, you should either stay at home or in your residence hall. Additionally, notify Campus Health, contact a medical provider, and notify professors or supervisors of the situation.

No information put into the self-check tool is shared with the university. It is up to the student, faculty or staff member to assess themselves and make the decision to return to campus or not.

To access the app, simply download it onto any Apple or Android device or follow the instructions on U of L’s Cardinal Self-Check website.

U of L is also providing COVID-19 testing at various campus locations through Aug. 21.

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal