By Matthew Keck —

The University of Louisville School of Nursing simulation lab has received upgrades for hands-on clinical learning. The funding for these upgrades came from Trilogy Health Services, LLC and The Bufford Family Foundation.

The upgrades include two new simulation suites, making it four in total now, and a separate observation room for instructors.

A newly renovated lab on the third floor of the School of Nursing building will accommodate the four practice suites, along with the new observation room.

U of L School of Nursing is also purchasing a fourth high-fidelity mannequin to fill the last room and complete these upgrades.

“The primary goals of nursing education remain the same: nurses must be prepared to meet diverse patients’ needs; function as leaders; and advance science that benefits patients and the capacity of health professionals to deliver safe, quality patient care,” said U of L School of Nursing Dean Dr. Sonya R. Hardin. “Our students have the opportunity to learn best practice in the delivery of care to diverse populations.”

These new practice facilities allow U of L nursing students to experience real-life scenarios said Hardin. They don’t have to compromise patients for students to learn. Instead they can use the practice equipment to teach students.

“U of L students obtain competencies in caring for older adults such as participation and empowerment of the patient and family; ease of comfort in the older adult; comprehensive geriatric assessment; development, implementation and evaluation of care plan; and development of knowledge and clinical proficiency in the care of older adults,” she said.

Hardin also believes these upgrades make U of L nursing school students better prepared for their careers.

“Students expect top-level facilities that will best prepare them for clinical careers,” she said. “Although [the] simulation doesn’t replace all clinical experiences, it gives students the chance to practice basic skills and assessments, and to gain confidence in clinical situations.”

To make this project possible, Trilogy and The Bufford Foundation jointly committed $250,000. With that pledge, U of L agreed to offer priority admission for Trilogy employees to attend the traditional bachelor of science in nursing program.

Photo Courtesy of U of L School of Nursing