By Jessica Kisling — 

Norton Healthcare and UPS are the two of the largest employers in the Louisville area and they have now partnered up to allow students an affordable way to pay for their education while working on achieving their dream careers in the medical field.

The program requires participants to be actively enrolled at the University of Louisville or at Jefferson Community and Technical College while working at UPS. Their undergraduate degree, however, can be completed at their own pace with no set time frame. Once the students reach the point that they only have about a semester left of their undergraduate they are required to take professional courses through the program while choosing one of three options to continue their participation in the Metropolitan College program.

The three options available are to continue their employment at UPS while being a Norton Scholar, doing an apprenticeship through Norton Healthcare or switching their employment to Norton Healthcare.

The program allows for many interested medical students to participate. However, they have 10 designated career pathways to be chosen from. Through the options they are exposed to different roles, aspects and departments of healthcare at Norton Healthcare.

The Metropolitan College program has strived to allow students to accomplish their education and career goals in an affordable manner. As a participant in the program students qualify to receive tuition assistance.

Along with other perks such as book reimbursement and career assistance, participants will also gain access to special events and programs through Norton Healthcare. These opportunities can help to boost their education, knowledge and resources to aid them in their future medical career endeavors.

In order to become a participant in the Metropolitan College program students of the two institutions must first apply to UPS if not already a current employee. They must also apply to the program though the metro-college website. Once hired and accepted into the program participants are required to attend a career exploration and symposium day to learn about the healthcare program.

Questions about the program, necessary steps or about the opportunities available through the Metropolitan College program can be directed to Metropolitan College, UPS employment or the Norton Healthcare workforce department.

Photo by Anthony Riley // The Louisville Cardinal