June 7, 2019

Brief: This year’s MLB draft picks

By Gabriel Wiest–

After this monumental season, several Cardinal baseball players landed spots with the MLB.

The San Francisco Giants picked junior first baseman Logan Wyatt June 3. Wyatt was 51 overall in the draft pick.

The Chicago Cubs chose junior pitcher Michael McAvene in the second round. McAvene was 103 overall in the draft pick.

The San Francisco Giants also picked junior short stop Tyler Fitzgerald for the 116 spot.

The Milwaukee Brewers chose junior pitcher Nick Bennett as the 193 choice.

The Miami Marlins chose senior pitcher Bryan Hoeing as the 201 pick.

The Pittsburgh Pirates picked junior center fielder Jake Snider for the 604 pick.

The Atlanta Braves chose junior center fielder Drew Campbell for the 697 pick.

The last Cardinal chosen was junior pitcher Shay Smiddy by the Tampa Bay Rays with the 1088 pick.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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