By Joe Hedges

On April 13th, Lynn Family Stadium provided a vibrant atmosphere when Racing Louisville Football Club hosted the San Diego Wave FC in a neck-and-neck match.

It was College Night, and students and fans were joined by local celebrity Jack Harlow. In a record-setting attendance, Racing fans were eager to see their team earn their first win of the year. Despite the final score being 0-0, both teams provided an exciting battle that kept spectators on the edge of their seats.

While Racing Louisville has drawn in all four of their matches this season, they are currently in 7th place in the standings, trailing the San Diego Wave. Goalkeeper Katie Lund had an excellent performance against the Wave, allowing 0 scores on 14 attempts.

Many fans in attendance were eager to see Lund defend against San Diego forward Alex Morgan, who was also a striker on the U.S. Women’s National Team. Morgan was noticeably out with an injury the previous time San Diego came to the Derby City, making Saturday her first match at Racing. With Morgan healthy, Racing’s head coach, Beverly Yanez, prepared her team to defend her and shut down the Wave’s offensive game plan.

Lynn Family Stadium is home to Racing Louisville and Louisville City FC. Both teams have developed passionate fanbases that make for a fun atmosphere every game. I had a blast being part of the fandom and look forward to going to more future matches. The audience was ecstatic until the final whistle, and the team played with an intensity that was easy to root for.  I look forward to more upcoming promotions and giveaways, such as Beach Night and Pups-at-the-Pitch Night. I did enjoy dining from I ♡ Tacos and Papa Murphy’s during the match, but $2 Hot Dog Night is something I’m looking for, too.

Louisville has been supporting Louisville City FC since it was founded in 2014. Racing Louisville was established four years later and has not shown any growing pains in terms of establishing a strong organization. Louisville’s professional soccer teams are on the rise, and it is no wonder why more and more people are coming to the stadium to support their squad.