November 21, 2018

Campus reacts to Bobby Petrino’s firing

By Sam Combest — 

The decision to fire football coach Bobby Petrina has been a largely debated topic because letting him go means the university must buy out his $14 million contract.

Freshman Paul Passaniki said Petrino had to go.

“I was excited but nervous. We had to let him go at some point this season. He was dragging the program down, but I wasn’t sure who we would have that could fill in to finish the season,” Passaniki said.

“I was honestly a little shocked to see it happen before the end of the year, but I can understand why they decided to go on ahead and make the move.”

While many agree with Passaniki the decision to fire Petrino was necessary, he and others have debated if the timing was appropriate with two games left in the season.

Freshman accounting major Mickey Davis said, “Bobby getting fired was a godsend according to the people on campus and Louisville fans everywhere. When he was here the first year or so he was fine, but he had Lamar Jackson covering him with his talent getting himself a Heisman.”

Tyra announced that Lorenzo “Whammy” Ward will serve as interim head coach to finish out the season.

Ward discussed his plans for last weekend’s game against NC State Nov. 15.

He said several times his focus is on the players and their success since his promotion.

“It’s not about me, it’s about the players. As far as community support, I couldn’t have asked for more,” Ward said.

The Cards lost against NC State 52-10. According to U of L Athletics, there was a record attendance for the season of 48, 265 tickets sold.

Davis said, “If they played the way they did during the first quarter we might have stood a chance. By halftime I told my mom to change the channel, because I didn’t want to watch another bloodbath.”

Prior to the decision to fire Petrino, the university faced three de-commits and two transfers in a span of a week. 20 players requested required paperwork for transferring to other schools.

The Cards will face the University of Kentucky Wildcats in their last game of the season at home Nov. 24.

“The crowd will obviously show out for UK because of the rivalry, but I think there will be more blue than usual. I don’t think we’ll see a dramatic uptick in attendance though,” Passaniki said.

Davis said he hopes the fanbase at least shows up to the UK game.

“Let’s at least keep the Kentucky game interesting, lick our wounds, and rebound next season.”

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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