By Huda Jabbar — 

Fall semester and spring semester both have their ups and downs, but which is better?

As we come back from spring break to the meat of the spring semester, it seems many students are reminiscing back to the fall. The motivation to complete work is never as strong as it is in the fall.

“During the fall you feel more motivated. You’re off from a four month break and you’re ready to get into it. During the spring it feels like there’s too much back to back and not enough time to rest before you’re back at it,” sophomore Sarah Jaafar said.

Spring break is nice, but would be more enjoyable closer midterms so students don’t have to return from a week off to their hardest exams and projects.

Sometimes summer can feel like a brain drain for students who work or have internships. Returning to the regularity of scheduled classes can feel exciting and fresh.

“After winter break I feel like I’m in the flow of school, after summer it feels like I’ve had enough time to forget everything I’ve learned,” senior Maxwell Williams said.

By the time spring rolls around, school can feel monotonous, while the fall semester passes quickly without the excitement of warm weather to distract us.

Overall, I have to say that while spring semester does have its perks for some students, fall semester is better.

Graphic by Mitchell Howes / The Louisville Cardinal