By Janet Dake —

Amid hazing allegations and a university investigation, U of L confirmed Kappa Sigma fraternity is on an interim suspension.

The Cardinal first reported the fraternity was accused of hazing in September when a freshman member allegedly returned to his dorm covered in alcohol.

This incident was reported to the Dean of Students office, who reported it the North American Interfraternity Council. According to university spokesperson John Karman, the fraternity’s national headquarters is investigating the incident.

“The chapter is unable to hold meetings or host chapter events during the interim suspension,” Karman said.

According to the Kappa Sigma Code of Conduct, the chapter must also must cease all recruitment, pledging and initiation during the suspension.

U of L’s Kappa Sigma President, Shawn Baumann, previously declined to comment on the allegations. A request to Baumann for a comment was not returned at the time of this post. Kappa Sigma national headquarters confirmed the investigation, but has no comment on the current suspension.

Dean of Students Micheal Mardis said an average of one hazing incident involving Greek life is reported every year. Findings from those reports sometimes violate U of L’s code of student conduct.

“Sometimes there are findings that there actually was a violation of the code,” Mardis said. “Other times, groups are found not to have violated the policy.”

It’s unclear whether the findings against Kappa Sigma violate the code of student conduct. But if proven, Kappa Sigma would have violated its own code of conduct.

“The cases in the last ten years have tended to be less severe hazing situations, ones that have not included forced consumption of alcohol or physical abuse,” Mardis said.

Kappa Sigma will remain suspended until the investigation is complete.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal