By Shelby Brown–

The U of L Athletic Association voted unanimously to hire Vince Tyra as acting athletic director and enter into a formal employment contract with David Padgett at Monday’s personnel meeting.

Tyra recommended hiring Padgett, according to the resolution.

The new acting head coach’s contract extends 12 months from Sept. 29. Padgett’s salary totals more than $800,000, half salary and half for public relations and media appearances. There are also stipulations for bonuses.

The salary figure is only a minimum, Padgett’s possible earnings on top of the salary are over one million dollars.

Padgett gets $25,000 if the men’s basketball team ranks top 20 in AP or USA Today Coaches Poll. Another $25,000 if the team qualifies for the “Sweet Sixteen” of the NCAA tournament, $50,000 for “Final Four” qualifying and $50,000 if they win the national championship. Additional money will be given to Padgett if scholarship athletes maintain a GPA of 2.75 or higher.

Padgett, a former basketball player for the university and staffer since 2014, was named acting head coach before the dust of U of L athletics pay-for-play scandal had settled.