By Joseph Lyell —

The recent shooting at the Arch apartments on August 30th has put campus safety on many students’ minds.

For many new students, the news was a sudden, cold welcome to a metropolitan campus.

And for returning students, the shooting reminds us of Louisville’s campus and surround area’s track-record for violence.

ULPD’s Interim Chief of Police, Lieutenant Colonel Brown gave a Cardinal reporter some tips to share to help residents stay safe on and around campus:

Be aware of your surroundings. Don’t be so glued to your phone while walking around campus. People are walking, running, rolling, biking and driving all around us. It’s hazardous to others and yourself to not look where you are going.

If you see something suspicious, report it. Lt. Colonel Brown said he’d rather have 10 mistaken reports than one incident that could’ve been prevented go unreported. U of L’s Police Department can be reached in non-emergency situations at (502) 852-6111. For those staying off campus, familiarize yourself with the community management so you know who to contact to report suspicious activity. For emergency services, dial 911.

Lock it up! You’d be surprised how many thefts could have been prevented had the victim just remembered to lock their door. Obviously, lock the door and windows when you leave home. When leaving your car unattended, hide valuables out of sight and roll up your windows all the way. If you park your bike on campus, lock the body of the bike, not just the wheel. Lt. Colonel Brown recommends using the U-lock style bike lock for maximum protection.

In addition to these safety tips provided by the ULPD, the University also offers many safety resources for students, including after-hours emergency notification, event security, and safety escorts. Visit the ULPD website ( to see more tips and resources available to Louisville students.