August 31, 2017

U of L ranks No. 25 for online Master’s of Computer Science degree

grawemeyer hall

Grawemeyer hall

By Janet Dake —

Thanks to U of L’s curriculum and faculty, its online Master of Science in Computer Science program ranked 25th in the nation for best online Information Technology degrees according to U.S News.

U of L’s been recognized time and again for what school advising website College Choice says is “its innovative curriculum and award-winning faculty.”

For many post-undergraduate students pursuing a graduate degree, class times, work and life make the “traditional route” for degrees impossible.

And a graduate degree in the Information Technology field is increasingly necessary for students. College Choice said, “We strongly recommend a graduate degree beyond the baccalaureate level in order to compete with the growing competition for these positions.”

Through the J.B Speed School of Engineering, U of L’s master’s program enrolls around 35 students every year. These students can move at their own pace, ultimately earning 30 credit hours.

“If they take two to three classes per semester, they can graduate in 1.5 years,”Computer Science Department Chair Adel Elmaghraby said. Elmaghraby said the program also offers summer courses.

The classes’ flexibility allow non-traditional students like Greg Tarbet to pursue a higher degree. Tarbet is in his 40’s and married with children. He works in federal law enforcement and aims to eventually go into the cybersecurity field as a cyber crimes investigator.

“Much of that (flexibility), though, is attributed to the exceptional professors I have had who are extremely understanding and are also fantastic instructors,” Tarbet said. “It allows me to still be a husband, father, coach and employee during daytime hours.”

U of L is one of few universities with an online MSCS degree which accepts those not majoring in computer science like Tarbet.

“I’m old. So computers, networking and the internet were not integral in my early education and were not easily accessible until I was in college,” Tarbet said. “U of L’s program was one of very few that would accommodate me.”


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