August 24, 2017

Accreditation or not, students might suffer

university of louisville

By Megan Brewer —

U of L has rode the disrepute train for a while and it could start affecting students.

Coping with a sex scandal involving the men’s basketball team, a troubling audit and probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, U of L’s accrediting agency, the university’s on a bad track.

Considering those issues and U of L having no permanent president, students could exit the train without a place to go.

Interim President Greg Postel said his visit to the SACS Aug. 15 went “very well,” but students will still earn degrees with less value.

“Very well” won’t stop distasteful looks from employers when you say you graduated from U of L. Our scandals and probation are a turn off to other universities. Graduate and professional programs will see a degree that is a bit uglier than others.

Students from other institutions could win our job opportunities because their school hasn’t been slandered.

That said, U of L students shouldn’t hop off the train. They should be ready to prove their degrees are valuable.

U of L is one of the most diverse campuses with some of the best professors. It offers students opportunities they couldn’t get anywhere else. Many students love the university and couldn’t imagine being at another school.

Even so, U of L students should prepare themselves for the baggage which will follow them after graduation. U of L’s negative image isn’t going away any time soon and students will be forced to face the consequences.

File photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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