February 12, 2017

Panda Express comes to campus

Panda express, food, sac,

Panda express, food, sac,

By Briana Williams–

After a week of opening its doors on campus, Panda Express stole the hearts of many students on campus. It’s also stolen the customers from Wendy’s, Papa John’s and Subway.

I was indifferent when it was first announced that Panda Express would be a part of the many new restaurants coming to U of L. I’d never had Panda Express before and didn’t have any desire to try it. But after one visit, it’s quickly becoming my new favorite restaurant on campus.

With a more sleek, modern aesthetic, not only does the restaurant look appealing, but it tastes amazing. Although I’ve only tried a few different dishes, they were all worth the wait in the long lines.

My favorite dish is the sweetfire chicken with fried rice. If you’re not a fan of rice, I suggest trying the string bean chicken breast with the chow mein.

Another favorite of Panda Express is that the service. Despite having the longest lines in the SAC, their service puts Subway to shame, as you’ll probably only spend roughly ten minutes in line.

The food itself is also just as good as Panda Express locations off campus. As most students know, this isn’t the case for the majority of restaurants offered to us. But  I ventured to the St. Matthews location and to my surprise, it tastes about the same as the one in the SAC.

Panda Express is the first of several restaurants heading to the SAC. As the renovation process continues, more, and hopefully better, eating options will open up. For now though, the Chinese-inspired cuisine will hold us over.

Photo by Jahnai Brown / The Louisville Cardinal

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