September 8, 2016

Aramark refreshes U of L’s dining options

By Jahnai Brown —

Returning students have noticed the not-so-subtle changes to U of L’s dining services. The university’s previous food services provider, Sodexo, is long gone and replaced by Aramark.

Aramark may be seen as taking a more commercialized route in providing services to the university. The provider added, and plans to add more, chain restaurants like Mark’s Feed Store and Panda Express.

Recent changes include better dining hours for students and university employees. No longer will you need to feel rushed to grab a bite to eat after that three-hour long night class. Aramark opened more meal plan options for new combinations of meal swipes and flex points.

The newest options have received praise, but students miss old favorites like CBC.

Students will have plenty to look forward to, forgetting restaurants that have Left U of L such as the CBC. “I miss the Chinese restaurant. It was my favorite,” student Robby Bernardi said. “But I like Mark’s and I’m excited for Panda Express.”

While the dining services have changed around the SAC and Ekstrom Library, there are plenty of changes to other locations as well. One being right in Davidson Hall – the P.O.D Express is a welcome addition to Davidson, enjoying a smooth transition so far.

“It’s awesome. They supply better food,” Speed School junior Tyler Keiter said.


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