By Will Flynn —

It’s been a few days since the end of the election and Donald Trump’s unthinkable upset. I voted for Hillary and I’m not gonna sit here and act like I don’t mind that Trump won, but at this point, I hope there’s enough of a support system within our government to make sure that these next four years go as smoothly as possible.

Beyond the fact that a man with no political experience is now our Commander in Chief, this was one of the few times in my life where I was so incredibly shocked about how wrong I was regarding the outcome of something that seemed so obvious. I’ve paid moderately close attention to the election in the last six months, but in no scenario did I ever see a Trump presidency.

It’s obvious the way I perceived this election was completely wrong. I felt foolish at a certain point because I was so sure Hillary would win. I consider myself pretty informed and this instance of getting something so wrong was definitely not a good feeling for me. Maybe I need to get more informed and expose myself to more opinions.

Funny enough, there were people I knew who voted for Trump and were just as shocked as I was. Say what you want about which candidate you supported, but I still stand by my vote and I think Hillary was the better choice. I don’t necessarily think Trump is going to make the country crash and burn, but I thought Hillary better credentials to handle our government’s affairs.

I hope our government has the tenacity to meet some type of balance and help guide Trump in the right direction regardless of what he said or promised to do. There are a lot of communities up in arms about the impending Trump presidency, but you can’t hope for him to fail just yet. We have to hope for progress and it starts with all of us – the regular citizens.

We have the power to speak out against injustice if it arises, but hopefully the rest of our government will keep this in check. You can be angry, but from here on out you can either sit and worry, or react and do something to encourage progress for your country and your fellow citizen, no matter who they are.