January 20, 2016

Brief: Snow day issued for Jan. 20

By Phillip Lentsch–

Wednesday, Jan. 20 was the first snow day of the 2015-16 school year for U of L.

Multiple schools and workplaces closed their doors for the day after heavy snowfall arrived around 5 a.m.

The WLKY Winter Weather Advisory reported that up to two inches of snow had accumulated on the main roads—in some locations further south, it was even more.

U of L decided it was not worth the risk to make students trudge through the snow. According to U of L spokesman John Drees, it was merely an issue of public safety.

“We called school off because of the timing of the snow,” said Drees. “There was no chance to get the sidewalks and parking lots on campus cleared in order for students to safely arrive to class.”

Many U of L students have taken the chance to sit back and relax due to the snow day.

“I’ve just been taking the day off to relax and ease some of the stress that comes from a normal school day,” said U of L sophomore Nirmit Shah.

“It’s a good opportunity to hang out with friends and catch up on sleep,” said sophomore Anand Prabhu.

For this upcoming Friday, WLKY is predicting another night of heavy snowfall, as well as the chance for freezing rain and sleet.

Looking ahead, Louisville’s weather reports predict that increased snowfall is likely for the coming weeks.

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