By Kacie Hansard, senior psychology major–

Hi, I just wanted to make a comment about Sam Draut’s article, “Stadium expansion should be top priority,” in the Sept. 15 issue.

To be honest, I was extremely offended and off put by this article. Yes, the university has its athletic department to thank for its national notoriety and growth, but to say that giving student athletes the top priority over all other “non-athletic” students is just complete b******* honestly.

As a “non-athlete” student myself, I work really hard on all aspects of my educational career, as well as trying my best to attend all major sporting events to cheer on and support my team. Draut’s exact quote, “Students who do not positively represent the university of Louisville complained of increased tuition rates.” What do you mean “do not positively represent” U of L? Just because we don’t have a football helmet or basketball in our hand? And yes, college is extremely expensive!!! I thought this was such a disrespectful statement to the students who DO WORK HARD in school and care about supporting U of L’s major sports teams and attend games.

Personally I think the whole Belknap campus needs updating, especially the SAC, which I did read will begin renovations in 2018 (as well the library already under construction). Yet, tuition is substantially rising to be poured into the athletic department because in Draut’s words, “a student-athlete is worth more than a traditional student.”

Some, maybe most students here at U of L may agree with this article, but some statements were so offending to me. Being a U of L Cardinal, originally transplanted from Texas, I see a lot of pride and spirit here and I really don’t want to feel under appreciated as a student who pays a tremendous amount of tuition to attend U of L and “be a part of something great.”

Sam, learn to write a little better, thanks.