Mark Hebert has stepped aside as U of L spokesperson in order to take a position as director of programming and production in the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Hebert has been with U of L since 2009, when he was hired in the midst of the fallout of the Robert Felner scandal.

The move comes in the midst of media scrutiny of the U of L Foundation and U of L President James Ramsey’s deferred compensation.

U of L, over the past few months, has been using Tim Mulloy of Peritus Public Relations to handle some of Hebert’s duties and sought out a PR firm to continue those services.

However, Senior Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing, said the move is not because of Hebert’s job performance.

Recently, Hebert began hosting a radio show on 93.9 FM featuring U of L news and events and will be continuing similar projects in his new role.  The move also comes with a $10,000 pay raise in addition to the $121,188 he currently makes, according to a report by Andrew Wolfson of the Courier-Journal.

In an email to members of the media, Hebert announced that John Karman will be stepping in as interim media relations director and university spokesperson.

Karman, a former Business First reporter, currently works as a communications specialist in the Office of Communication and Marketing.


Photo Courtesy University of Louisville