President of the United States Barack Obama visited Louisville tech company Indatus on Tuesday to speak on tech jobs and the economy.

His initial schedule was delayed by three hours due to news of progress on nuclear talks with Iran. After speaking at the Rose Garden, Obama made his way to Louisville and arrived at Indatus for a brief tour and remarks.

The main focus of his talk was his TechHire initiative, designed to give job training to young people seeking tech jobs.

“America has more open jobs then at any point since 2000,” he said, adding that the U.S. needs “faster, cheaper, innovative” training.

Obama also took a shot at the proposed Republican budget, saying that its tax cuts for higher income citizens would “sacrifice job training.”

“Our economy works best when everyone has a stake and everyone gets ahead,” he said. “Bottom up, middle down.”

In attendance at the speech were Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, Congressman John Yarmuth, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, and former Louisville mayor and Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson, who now works for Obama.

Fischer gave Obama the gift of a Louisville Slugger and a trunk full of Kentucky bourbon.

Social media sources on campus confirmed that the Obama visit – which happened in the middle of rush hour – caused standstill traffic downtown and near campus. 1-65 was closed as the President traveled to and from the airport.