February 4, 2015

Who’s running for SGA?

SGA update

Today marks the first day of the SGA Election season, so here is the official list of candidates running for office, courtesy of the SGA website:

Student Body President:

Victoria Allen

Philip Moore

Executive Vice President:

Caitlin Durgin

Kevin Grout

Academic Vice President:

Katy Ashby

Alexander Stewart

Services Vice President:

Kaylee Brandt

Aaron Vance

Arts and Sciences:

Chase Barnett (Student Senator)

Tess Bettler (President)

Brittany Chouhan (Student Senator)

Cash Collins (Senator)

Jake Fooks (Student Senator)

Lauren Greenwell (Student Senator)

Ocey Holland (Student Senator)

Kyle Hornback (Student Senator)

Ronica Hutchison (Student Senator)

Kevin Jacob (Student Senator)

Andrew Jones (Student Senator)

Marisa Lind (Vice President)

Andrew Monell (President)

Induja Nimma (Student Senator)

Anna Cecile Pepper (Student Senator)

Emily Robbins (Vice President)

Preston Roberson (Student Senator)

Tori Russell (Student Senator)

Jaclyn Schmitt (Student Senator)

Vishnu Tirumala (Student Senator)

Karen Udoh (Student Senator)

Rebecca Waller (Student Senator)

College of Education and Human Development:

Deirdra Beck (Student Senator)

Christina Franck (Vice President)

Alli King (Vice President)

Tori Nelson (Student Senator)

Conor Shea (Student Senator)

Keturah Smith (Student Senator)

Abbey Vogel (President)

Jordan Weathers (President)

School of Music:

Tera Pierce (Vice President)

Emma Powers (President)

Erica Rust (President)

Garrett Weeks (Vice President)


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