February 11, 2015

School of Music fire cancels classes

By Olivia Krauth and David Cecil–

[Update]: As of Friday, Feb. 13, University fire marshals had yet to receive records involving the cause of the fire, though expect to have information by this Monday. The School of Music is currently under renovations.

Damages to instruments and other equipment have yet to be estimated.

As of now, the first floor and lower level of the affected south wing have been reopened, though the second floor is still off limits to students. It is expected to be reopened this week.

[Previous Story]: School of Music students got a reprieve from classes today, though not for a reason they may of hoped for.

Classes in the School of Music building were canceled today after a fire in an elevator shortly before 11 a.m.

Firefighters shut off the power in the building while working. Adding in the smoke and water damage, School of Music Dean Chris Doane did not think classes would be possible.

“Because it’s so tentative, we just basically said that we’re closed for the rest of the day,” Doane said. Students will be able to get into the building to retrieve possessions inside.

U of L spokesperson Mark Hebert said music-related classes held outside of the School of Music building are not canceled.

Emergency crews were called around 10:52 a.m. due to reports of a fire in an elevator in the South wing of the School of Music. Music students Price McGuffey and Will Marshal saw the fire first.

“I was on the first floor going to Big Band, and my friend was on the elevator. I was looking up at him and I thought there was a dim light behind him,” McGuffey said. “I opened the elevator again and the ceiling had fallen out and all of that was on fire. I hit the alarm and ran out.”

Music student Tanner Leonardo said the elevator has a reputation of being unreliable, and said he does not ride because of that.

“People have said it’s going to fall one day, it’s been breaking down a lot,” Leonardo said. “It’s obviously really slow and old. Finally, the worst of the worst has happened with it.”

The scene was under control by 11:20 a.m. The building was evacuated as a precaution.

Hebert said there is smoke and water damage to the second floor.


Editor’s note: News editor David Cecil is a music major. 

Photo by David Cecil / The Louisville Cardinal.

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