February 13, 2015

RaiseRED: Why you should dance this year


By Brooke Billingsley–

It’s not often in college that you take a step back, out of your crazy schedule, and do something truly impactful for others. The RaiseRED dance marathon is the perfect way for college students to do just that.

“Individuals of the Louisville community unite to form one unstoppable force of hope, love and joy. I not only dance because it is for the kids, but I also dance because it is with the kids. Their strength stirs within me my own, and reminds me that we are all called to give back to what is greater,” sophomore Bridgette Hildreth said when asked why students should want to sign up and participate in the second annual RaiseRED dance marathon.

This shows just how powerful and rewarding RaiseRED is among college students at U of L. You won’t be satisfied from just participating one year, it is something that students fall in love with and develop a connection to knowing this is a way they can make an impact.

When asked how RaiseRED is a unique way to give back to others, junior Emily Brazell said, “RaiseRED is absolutely the most unique event on campus. It is completely student-run by your peers who are passionate for the cause. It’s a year-long fundraiser, however it’s more than other events that simply write a check and call it a day. By going to RaiseRED, you get to hear from families who experience these hardships with pediatric cancer first hand. You get to dance all night long with your friends because you are healthy and able to do so. RaiseRED is the most humbling and inspirational event I’ve ever attended and I cannot wait for the main event each year.”

Take it from people who have experiences this incredible dance marathon first hand, this is something you will regret missing the opportunity to give your time to. Challenge yourself to stand on your feet for 18 hours for all of the individuals who do not have the ability to. Experience heartfelt stories from families describing their experience with pediatric cancer, and know that you are doing something to help get one step closer to finding a cure.

Sign up now to take parts in the greatest event that the University of Louisville students put together. The celebration is Feb. 27 – 28. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity.

Go to Raisered.donordrive.com by Feb. 20 to register. If you wish to volunteer for this event, contact Jessica Williams at [email protected]

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