December 4, 2014

Vice president for HR fired

The Louisville Cardinal News

Sam Connally, U of L’s vice president for Human Resources, has been fired from the university, according to spokesman Mark Hebert.

Hebert said that the separation occurred in accordance with Article 2.3 of the Redbook, the governing document of the university, which addresses termination of administrators, with approval by the Board of Trustees.

An email from President James Ramsey to deans and vice presidents, obtained via open records request, confirmed that Connally no longer worked at the university.

It reads:


 Please be advised that Sam Connally is no longer serving as Vice President of Human Resources.   If you have any questions about Human Resource issues, please contact Dana Hummel, director of benefits, at 852-8622.


According to Hebert, the separation was a personnel matter.

“We would not normally talk about personnel matters and that is the case with Mr. Connally,” he said.

Connally was with the university since 2010, and supported last spring’s non-disparagement agreements between the university and former U of L general counsel Angela Koshewa. He was listed among candidates for Vice President for Human Resources at the University of New Mexico earlier this year, but did not get the job.


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